Shine Store by NCDA is Sleek and Contemporary

 - Dec 26, 2011
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This high-end fashion boutique is the 'Shine' store, located in Hong Kong's trendy Causeway Bay shopping district. Its super slick, futuristic and avant-garde interior is the work of NC Design & Architecture, Ltd (NCDA), who infused the store's design with geometric elements and a chic crystalline black interior.

The Shine store comprises three main rooms, which feature display platforms and suspended mannequins, describes the designers. A suspended stairway accented with fluorescent lights leads the customer from the entrance gallery to the upper level, where men's and women's high-end fashions are showcased. The designers, who were also inspired by the Shine store's name, added to the entrance a 7-meter tall glowing structure that mimics the shape of a star.

NCDA describes the Shine store's design as showcasing "how the idea of a ‘shining star’ could be translated architecturally into a fashion retail space, creating a visually striking yet highly functional contemporary store."