Scosche cellCONTROL Ensures Safe Driving All the Time

 - Jan 24, 2012
References: autoblog & news.discovery
The Scosche cellCONTROL device is a tool that, when installed in your vehicle, will prevent you from using your cellphone to make calls or write text messages.
This tool comes as a response to a push from the National Transportation Safety Board, encouraging tech companies and cellphone carriers to create products the will eliminate a driver's ability to text while driving.

Using Bluetooth to block calls and other functions, the Scosche cellCONTROL kicks in as soon as your car starts moving. All phone functions are blocked, including ingoing and outgoing calls and texts, describes Autoblog. However, the company points out that once a headset is detected, the device will allow the user's phone to work. What's more, if the Scosche cellCONTROL is deactivated or removed, it will automatically alert an administrator.