Scavenger Hunt: Trend Hunter Fun Day

 - Jun 1, 2009
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The term 'Trend Hunter Fun Day' is never followed by terms like 'dull' and 'boring' (maybe illegal, but I digress). One of our favorite Trend Hunter Fun Days was when we completed an epic scavenger hunt.

We were broken up into three teams and told that we would have three hours to complete a daunting list that included: writing on your body, getting arrested, kissing a dog, getting on T.V., standing on the roof of a taxi and even getting a tattoo.

After scouring the Downtown Toronto core to complete our many tasks, we ended up with a pretty hilarious photo series (as seen in the gallery above). And luckily, no one ended up actually getting arrested or with a tattoo.

Life is good when you're a Trend Hunter.