The Digital 'True Size Map' Depicts the Real Magnitude of Countries

 - Jul 21, 2016
References: thetruesize & mymodernmet
Looking at typographic depictions of the world can make it rather hard to fully imagine what the size of a country looks like, which is why the True Size Map offers an interactive scaled map for consumers to explore the globe through. The map is digital and allows consumers to drag the shapes of different countries and continents overtop of others to see proportionately how big places really are. The aim is to help consumes understand global sizing through comparison.

The True Size Map is an interactive tool that uses both scale and color to highlight sizing. Consumers can utilize a Mercator projection system to drag the outline of continents and countries and place them overtop of others. This allows users to visualize how big places they've never been to are in conjunction to an area that is more familiar to them.