This Image Shows Why the Sandwich is the King of Food-Engineering

This clever infographic by the DOGHOUSEDIARIES called "Why the Sandwich is the King of Food-Engineering" offers several categories explaining its genius. The sandwich is limitless, it has variety, expandability, consistency, versatility, it allows for usability, gives options and it’s flat out gorgeous.

The sandwich is "limited only by your imagination" and the "contents of your fridge." Creative minds can also shape the sandwich to look like anything. You can stack any kind of food on top of others and make a tall sandwich and every bite will contain every single ingredient. You can hold it with one hand and leave the other free to continue working and it’s pleasing to the eye with all its colorful fillings.

The sandwich is the king of food-engineering because it’s absolutely magical. Case and point, this infographic makes its argument so clear, no one would dare to object.