Ryan Pickart Oil Paintings Depict Expressionless Women

 - Sep 11, 2012
References: ryanpickart.blogspot
Ryan Pickart is an Indiana-based artist. The visionary has managed to portray the underestimated beauty of vacancy, seen in his oil-based depictions of expressionless women. His large-scale canvas boards do away with the common love for raw emotion with a general disregard for despair, joy and surprise.

Pickart aims to bridge the rift existent among abstract and realist enthusiasts. His mixture of life-like stills with overtly symmetrical or hyperreal backgrounds merge aspects of the two, effectively uniting them in spite of their professed differences.

This bold collaboration project is full of artistic merit. On top of his work with the frequently separated categories, he has also managed to display it in a poker-faced manner with his portrayal of impassive gazes.