The Actibump in Sweden Sends Physical Alerts to Rushed Drivers

 - Aug 11, 2016
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To help reduce the amount of rushed drivers and careless driving in Sweden, a brand by the name of Edeva has developed a smart speed barrier called Actibump that sends physical reminders to drivers if they are moving too fast. The bump is designed to be responsive, allowing it communicate one-on-one with drivers to ensure speed control in specific areas.

The Actibump is a speed bump put together with special engineered that allows the barrier to both lower and raise using a motor. The barrier is able to detect when drivers are speeding, and inconveniences them by raising the bump. Drivers that are abiding speed limits will remain unaffected.

The Actibumps can also be set to work in specific times such as, for instance, when school areas begin and finish the day.