The DRtv Ricoh PX Ad Puts the Product to the Test

 - Oct 16, 2011
References: ricoh & digitalrev
Consumers are long known for their strong skepticism towards marketing, and the DRtv Ricoh PX camera advertisement puts to rest such distrust surrounding the durability of the digital camera featured in the original commercial.

In the DRtv Ricoh PX ad, viewers see the product being put through a series of tests, from being splashed with piping hot tea to being used as a hammer and deliberately burned. You might cringe at the sight of the great amount of sadistic torture placed on the fragile-looking camera. However, it is revealed that the camera still functions well at the end of the day. Now that it is proven to be one tough digital camera, potential customers need not hesitate when purchasing the Ricoh PX.

Implications - With consumers being constantly bombarded with countless advertising messages that are often generic in nature, it is extremely crucial for marketers and advertisers alike to differentiate themselves from other brands available out there in the cluttered marketplace. Doing so not only satiates the public’s desire for fresh contents, but also ensures brand recognition.