From Tennis Star Statues to Stripping Tennis Star Ads

 - Aug 19, 2014
Rafael Nadal Parera -- known to tennis lovers around the world simply as Rafa Nadal -- is one of the best and most exciting players of his generation, which is why many fans are disappointed with the news that he will miss the upcoming US Open due to a wrist injury.

While Nadal's skill and athleticism have won him tons of trophies, his charisma and charm have won him a fierce global fan following. It has also resulted in him becoming an advertising icon and sex symbol.

With his chiseled tennis player body, there's no surprise that Nadal has made many a fashion magazine cover and has starred in several ads. He has also been immortalized and celebrated through numerous products and gimmicks.

Rafael Nadal Parera is many things -- but he can legitimately claim to be a tennis God, having pretty much walked on water while playing an exhibition game in a swimming pool against Serena Williams.