These Rescue Dog Photos Will Make You Want to Adopt

These rescue dogs photos will restore your faith in humanity and rescue dogs. These rescue dogs were abused, neglected and some of them were left to die, but the loving and kind hearts of strangers looking for a pet came in and saved the day!

Chicago's Trio Animal Foundation (TAF) aims to help shelters, rescue groups and individuals pay for the medical bills of homeless and neglected animals. It is named Trio because a little puppy, after being used as a bait dog had her leg bitten off when she was just four weeks old. She survived and had a miraculous recovery.

Nowadays, TAF President Sue Naiden is trying to give even more dogs another chance. These are just some of the photos of rescue dogs that have been given a second chance. I have always wanted to rescue dogs in my lifetime, but now I couldn't imagine ever imagine my life without my Norwegian Buhund pup.