Renault Electric Life Ad Challenges the Way We Perceive Oil Consumption

 - May 28, 2011
References: youtube & psfk
The Renault Electric Life ad challenges the way we perceive oil consumption by demonstrating the instances in which we use electricity in our daily lives. The ad is clever in its ability to satirize the oil's perceived dominance; it showcases people using everyday electric appliances that are oil-powered.

The Renault Electric Life ad also casts oil-powered machines as being loud and cumbersome. The ad strikes at the very idea that transitioning the electric cars is a far-off fantasy; instead, it portrays electric-powered vehicles as the sensible and intuitive choice.

The Renault Electric Life ad is brilliant in its ability to subvert common perception of electric-powered cars. The ad positions itself as a catalyst for more public dialogue around electric-powered vehicles.