These Reebok Sneakers Unite Red & Blue Colors to Promote Gang Peace

 - Jul 13, 2015
References: nme & fastcocreate
Artist Kendrick Lamar is taking a stand against gang violence with the help of these Reebok sneakers. The left shoe has a blue Reebok label and the right shoe has a red Reebok label to represent the two gangs from Lamar’s hometown of Compton.

These Reebok sneakers are an attempt to disarm the gang members and create a general understanding that both groups of people can live together in the same place without resorting to violence. The shoes represent the separate gangs and the person wearing the kicks represents Compton. To solidify this message, the new Ventilator shoes have the word "neutral" written on the sneaker tongues.

This unique approach to addressing a serious issue goes beyond a fashion statement and truly sets an example for gang violence awareness.