The Reebok PureMove Bra Tightens for Motion and Relaxes During Stillness

 - Aug 7, 2018
References: reebok & fastcompany
The new Reebok PureMove sports bra is an innovative garment that has the potential to set a new standard in the activewear industry going forward. When it comes to settling on the perfect sports bra design, women are often forced to choose between a style that will offer compression during a rigorous workout or athleisure-like comfort for going about their daily duties outside of the gym. The Reebok PureMove boasts a NASA-inspired design that offers the best of both worlds—when the wearer is in motion, the fabric of the bra stiffens and during stillness, it relaxes.

Back in 2005, chemical engineers from the University of Delaware invented a substance called "Shear Thickening Fluid" a gel-like solution that takes on a liquid form in a still or slow-moving state. This technology has been used in everything from Kelvar bulletproof vests to NASA spacesuits, originally designed as a modern, protective armor.