Sparkup Lets You Record a Story and Play the Audio Back Another Time

 - Sep 5, 2014
References: sparkupreader & technabob
When a kid finds a bedtime story that they really like, sometimes they just want to hear it over and over again—with Sparkup, it's possible to record a story and have Sparkup play back the audio at the appropriate time.

It's understandable why Sparkup calls itself the "magical book reader," since it's got some pretty impressive technology behind it. To record a voice reading a story, it's as simple as clipping the device to any storybook over 7" wide that has pictures. Sparkup's camera picks up on the images, so that it can match the right page to the right reading. With 256MB of storage on the device, it's possible to hold about 50 different books on it at a time, so that you can keep clipping it onto different books at bedtime.