This Frothy Drink Recreates Mythical Unicorns in Edible Form

 - Sep 8, 2016
Inspired by the whimsical stylings of Lisa Frank is this rainbow milkshake recipe that creatively recreates mythical creatures such as unicorns and technicolor cheetahs out of edible ingredients. The milkshake is a colorful recipe by lifestyle blog Brit + Co that is topped with an array of sweets and desserts.

The rainbow milkshake straddles the line between drink and dessert with the large amount of sweet garnishes that are served alongside the frothy beverage. The drink tastes like vanilla cake and fresh berries thanks to the addition of boxed cake mix and raspberries.

To give the milkshake its technicolor name, food coloring is dripped along the side of the glass to give the drink a rainbow effect. The garnishes range in extravagance including foods such as cookies, cotton candies, sprinkles, donuts and lollipops.