Purity Bear Encourages Teens to Stay Pure

 - Jan 24, 2012
References: lc.org & adweek
Meet Purity Bear, a little stuffed toy that will appear at your shoulder if you so much as think about having sex. Purity Bear makes his debut in this student-made commercial advocating abstinence among teenagers and which directs viewers to the Day of Purity site.

Day of Purity is an organization that encourages youth to "take the purity pledge," and abstain from sex before marriage. In the video here, two teenagers are saying good-bye to each other at the end of their date, when suddenly Purity Bear shows up at the boy's shoulder. Purity Bear's warns, "This decision could define the rest of your life." The boy decides to stay pure, telling the girl she's worth the wait, and the ad subsequently jumps to a scene in which the two are getting married. Accordingly, the video's YouTube description says, "Having one partner is the God-approved way to enjoy sex."