From Phone-Carrying Caps to Mouth Money Pouches

 - Dec 24, 2012
Whether going out to a concert or to the amusement park, you’ll find that a fashionable fanny pack is always a practical addition to any of your outings.

Though fanny packs may most commonly be associated with moms, several of these finds provide you with much more cute and chic options. Usually equipped with a belted strap that attaches to your body, these particular packs ensure that you always have your most precious belongings kept within arms reach at all times. With this bag in hand you won't have to worry about fumbling through your purse trying to find whatever you are looking for. Another interesting fad in the field of fanny packs is the option of having a pouch built into your hat!

However you choose to wear them, a fashionable fanny pack is one of the most handy bags you can have in your wardrobe.