From Nerdy Hipster Photography to Seductive Video Game Lingerie

 - Oct 18, 2011
Not only guys are geeky and into sci-fi and this gallery proves that it’s the geeky girl finds that are hot and happening. This gallery is filled with nerdy glasses, cosmic cupcakes and gamer girl jewelry.

You might be surprised at the numerous dorky feminism creations, or that even Katy Perry has been sporting those nerdy glasses in her ‘Last Friday Night’ music video. Many pop stars like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have been popularizing the nerdy items that are no longer a ridiculed look, but rather a fashion statement.

Even clothing has been tailored to dorky depictions like geeky gamer beachwear or the seductive gamer lingerie that many girls will like. So if you are among the nerdy girls who love dorky fashion statements, then this geek girl gallery will pump you up.