The 'Puffle Waffle Maker' Can Be Used to Create Curvaceous Food

 - Sep 20, 2017
References: amazon & amazon
ALDKitchen, a brand that specializes in professional-quality kitchen equipment, recently unveiled the 'Puffle Waffle Maker,' a nonstick grill that features a honeycomb-like design that leaves the liquid placed inside of it with 3D bubbles.

Although the Puffle Waffle Maker was specifically made for Belgian-style waffles, it can also be used to mold a variety of other liquid ingredients into curvaceous shapes. This includes omelettes and cakes, which can all be quickly cooked due to the even distribution of heat the the flat shape that the waffle maker pushes the batter into.

In addition to crafting unique-looking dessert and breakfast dishes, the Puffle Waffle Maker is easy to use and to clean, as the nonstick surface enables the contents to simply slip out when ready.