Unearth the Extensive Growth of the Bar Industry

 - Mar 14, 2012
References: trendreports
The authentic male-oriented pub has been refurbished. Once catering to an enthusiastic sports crowd ridden with adrenaline during game time, the drink and dining concept has now come to accommodate haute cuisine and even educational guided tours. Ornate bars, comfortable taverns and well-stocked alehouses have all developed a devoted following, proving that consumers in the food and beverage industry appreciate a lively atmosphere. The Pub Trend Report hones in on these followings, chronicling over 16 PRO Trends and 122 instances of mill house pursuits.

The restaurant industry has responded to a demand for an atypical eating experience, and much of this has occurred within the pub sector. Breweries have opened their sites to the public, and upscale menus have begun to replace the prototypical saloon grub. Beverage producers, bartenders and grill owners alike will all benefit from reading about these undertakings in the Pub Trend Report.