The Pro-Ject CD Box RS 2 T Player Has a High-End Design

 - Apr 16, 2019
References: project-audio & newatlas
Sales of compact discs (CDs) are continuing to decline with mediums like vinyl records actually seeing something of an uptick in popularity, but this isn't stopping designers from creating audio solutions like the Pro-Ject CD Box RS 2 T Player. Positioned as an ultra-high-end solution for audiophiles, the CD player features a top-loading design that relies on the digital-to-analog conversion capabilities of a hi-fi system to round out the listening experience. The unit can be used for playing discs of all formats to ensure users can listen without restriction.

Explaining the Pro-Ject CD Box RS 2 T Player, Heinz Lichtenegger said, "We have always been crazy and making products and investments which are not particularly mainstream. As everybody was going in CD, we were starting with turntables. Now as everybody goes in streaming, we invest in a new revolutionary CD-player."

Image Credit: Pro-Ject