This Yams and Potato Packaging Blends Aesthetics with Convenience

 - Jun 30, 2015
This monochromatic produce packaging is designed to store fresh veggies effectively. Boasting a black and white design, these bags are labeled with veggies types that include potatoes, yams, onions and ginger varieties.

In addition to their sleek and monochromatic branding, these produce packs also include a flexible and collapsible design that lets veggies breathe while preserving a maximum level of freshness before they are consumed.

In addition to onion bags that are easily transformed into trays, these flexible veggie containers also include perforated bag designs that allow for easy access to produce while preparing a meal. Blending aesthetics with practicality, these packages are designed by Singapore's Steve Lim Seng Hee who chooses paper and thread as his sustainable materials of choice.