Samsung's #BeFearless Project Uses VR to Help Practice Public Speaking

 - Mar 25, 2016
References: samsung & adweek
To help people around the world overcome the fear of presenting before an audience, Samsung set up a virtual reality tool to help people practice public speaking.

Using its Gear VR, Samsung created a program called #BeFearless. One of the projects involved tackling glossophobia, or as it is better known, public speaking. In order to help people overcome their fears, they were challenged in a virtual environment. With the technology, they'd be monitored on things like heart rate, eye contact and speech length, in order to be given a score to measure improvement. As part of a final test, participants were challenged to go up on a real stage and speak before a live crowd.

As well as developing a program to target a fear of public speaking, Samsung also created a second #BeFearless project to help people overcome their fear of heights.