These Board Designs Use a Robot from a Popular Internet Meme

 - Aug 4, 2016
References: instagram & hypebeast
A popular Internet meme that portrays a white robot laying down with its mouth slightly agape and the words "Absence of God" on top has circulated the web for some time now, appearing along with humorous phrases and functioning as a relatable response.

Now, UK-based skateboard brand Palace is set to include an image of the popular Internet meme on some of its new decks, with the robot shown with a terrified expression on its face. Underneath this however, it is shown smoking marijuana, looking far more relaxed.

The deck features a mostly black and white colorway, contrasting with some of Palace's more vibrant releases which include neon yellow and green accents. In addition to its new skate deck designs, the company is set to release more branded apparel and accessories.