These Popcorn Containers Feature Illustrated Beast Graphics

 - Nov 30, 2015
Anna Trympali's signature popcorn containers are inspired by traditional takeout packaging and feature charming illustrations of fictional monsters. These sharp-toothed beasts are shown eating popcorn and are subtly inspired by snakes and fictional sea creatures. While most people's idea of popcorn containers is synonymous with paper tubs that are a movie theatre staple, this concept appeals to a more design-conscious snacker.

This illustrated popcorn packaging is paper-made and comes in 5 varying color types that are used to differentiate flavors like 'Peanut Butter,' 'Super Salted' and 'White Cheese.'

Accented with a hand-rendered typeface, these containers are charming in their overall look and feel and boast a whimsical inspiration that will appeal to both children and adults. In addition, each container is recyclable after use making it a sustainable choice as well as a tasty one.