These Soda Cans are Transformed from Litter to Art by My Dog Sighs

 - May 27, 2013
References: mydogsighs & fer1972.tumblr
Few people would look at a discarded can on the side of the road and see the potential to create striking pieces pop can art. My Dog Sighs, however, is one of these few people.

The UK-based artist finds cans, folds them into a shape with the bottom of the can facing forward then paints them into human-like being. His pop can art has taken on the form of clowns, large-toothed monsters and wide-eyed infants. The hyperreality mixed with a surreal style is enough to shake any viewer of these unique pieces of urban art.

My Dog Sighs has found a way to up-cycle discarded remnants of modern society by transforming debris into memorable works. For this reason My Dog Sighs could be described as an urban artist whose works will make people see the potential for beauty in the most unexpected of places.