These 'A L A N I Z' Creations are Gorgeously Gory

 - May 18, 2013
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All around Berlin, artist 'A L A N I Z' has created bold politically minded urban street art. His creations address issues such as homelessness, capitalism and love, often depicting businessmen stabbing one another, homeless people huddling on the street and youths experimenting with guns.

These works' vibrant colors and cartoonish style are extremely attention-grabbing, stopping pedestrians in their tracks by bursting from the city's walls in a flurry of primary hues. This style increases the impact of the political messages being conveyed through the works. Homelessness becomes more noticeable because of the green-capped boy huddling in his sleeping bag. Capitalism becomes the enemy when two businessmen are seen stabbing each other. These messages make 'A L A N I Z' urban street art some of the most insightful and memorable of recent years.