Reptiles, Birds and Rodents are the Focus of ROA's Brand New Street Art

 - Apr 27, 2013
Now that graffiti and urban street art are more popular than ever, urban artists in North America are having some trouble finding enough space to erect their glorious, spray paint murals, but Belgian designer ROA's street art is showing that internationally made graffiti is the way to go.

Coming off the heels of the opening of his art exhibition in Brussels, ROA's street art seen here was created and set in the streets of Panama. In places like Panama, because of the abundance of space, ROA was able to create some truly breath-taking designs that see this urban art virtuoso paying tribute to the fascinating shapes of our planets' common critters and aerial animals.

By enlarging lizards, rodents and birds into full scale paintings that cover the entire facade of buildings, ROA's street art is showing a new value in international travel.