The Horrific Congregate in the Maldito Juanito Street Art

 - May 3, 2013
References: malditojuanito.tumblr
The Maldito Juanito street art comes from an artist from Geneva with a penchant for the grisly and the gruesome. He has produced some absolutely stunning street art featuring skeletal, zombie-like figures engaging in very human activities, such as receiving flowers, riding motorcycles and even "canoodling."

Each subject is uncanny. It's something we've seen before, but never in this particularly odd way. The zombie-skeletons display human emotions, but their brightly tinted skin tones and gaping eye holes kind of turn those emotions on their heads to deliver the kind of shivers I'm sure the main character in 'The Sixth Sense' felt when he saw dead people.

Juanito's vibrant colours and graphic novel-esque painting style both serve to make these street art creations eerie and eye-catching. Juanito Street Art is sure to take the world by storm, while simultaneously depicting the world's destruction -- now that's irony.