'Poli-Graph' Tracks Donald Trump's Mendacity in Office

 - Apr 14, 2017
References: poligraph.live
It's no secret that the Donald Trump election and early presidency has thus far been contentious -- so much so that Poli-Graph, a political website, has set out to track that contentiousness in an easily recognizable format. The site combines the familiar twitching polygraph line with the archetypal long nose (a la Pinocchio) to present a live-streaming image of Donal Trumps lies while in office.

Part of Trump's appeal for many of his staunchest supporters is his willingness to veer off script and speak earnestly. The side-effect of such brashness is that the 45th president of the United States is frequently caught averring factoids that are downright false. Poli-graph uses fact-checking from some of the world's most reliable news media organizations in order to track Trump's lies and display them on the Poli-graph page.