'The Virgin Suicides' Inspires the Playing Fashion April 2012 Editorial

The Playing Fashion April 2012 editorial was inspired by 'The Virgin Suicides.' It follows three beautifully innocent and sweet-looking, sister-like models as they pose nonchalantly in front of Robert Harper's lens, a photographer based in the United Kingdom. The photoshoot strikes a cord in readers as they look upon the models with sincere apathy.

Nevertheless, the youthful, girly fashion, which was styled by Verity Parker, easily distracts people from the sad story behind the Playing Fashion April 2012 editorial. Rife with lacy shirts, knee-high socks and pastel frocks, models Tess, Sophie and Michelle S might as well be back in school. Messy locks by hairstylist Keiichiro Hirano and understated makeup by Philippe Miletto finish off the looks.