LINCK's Vegan Plant-Based Cheese Boasts "0% Meat"

LINCK's Vegan Deli collection includes a flavorful assortment of plant-based cheese that's made without soy, dairy or any meat whatsoever.

As well as offering its own take on classic cheese styles such as mozzarella, cheddar and even goat cheese, the Vegan Deli line also includes flavorful options for vegans and vegetarians such as the Hot Pepper Organic Cheese and the Smoked Organic Cheese.

Now that many consumers are looking to reduce the amount of dairy in their diets, plant-based cheese products are enticing consumers with healthier options that are often produced in more inventive flavors than traditional cheese types. In the form of prepackaged slices, these vegan products are easy for all consumers to add them to their sandwiches and a range of other comforting dishes.