Dwayne De Kock Mixes Pixar Character Design with Popular Games

 - Oct 31, 2013
References: renegade21.deviantart & designtaxi
Dwayne de Kock is a DeviantART artist who has created an inventive series that brings classic Pixar character design together with some of the most popular video game titles.

Immediately, you'll notice that Buzz Lightyear has had an outfit and title change, earning him the ranks of Commander. Video game fans will recognize the dark suit with red stripes as the outfit worn by Commander Shepard in 'Mass Effect.'

Other character crossovers in the series include a surly version of 'Toy Story's' Woody, painted in the style of 'Red Dead Redemption,' Merida as a feisty arrow-shooter from 'Tomb Raider' and the old man from 'Up' as Old Snake. These Pixar/video game-inspired images bring back just the right amount of nostalgia for those who used to watch these movies and play these games.