The Peserico Store in Florence Boasts a Monochrome Look

 - Oct 12, 2015
Located in Florence's Piazza dell’Olio, the new flagship Peserico store is a stunning master class in monochromatic elegance. Designed by C&P Architetti, the neutral retail space is filled with a sense of sophistication that is reinforced by its white walls and series of original archways. Filled with soft colors and plush fabrics, the Peserico store is sure to tempt consumers with the sense of calm it offers alone.

Boasting natural oak wood flooring and marble slabs that serve as a starting point for the clothing displays, the Peserico store uses design elements to remind the shopper that they are in an elegant boutique located on the ground floor of a stunning historical building. For those who find themselves browsing the chic shops of Florence, the Peserico store is a must-see.