Klockner Pentaplast's 'Pentalabel eklipse' Blocks 99 Percent of Light

 - Dec 10, 2016
References: kpfilms & packagingdigest
German packaging company Klockner Pentaplast has released a new labeling technology, called 'Pentalabel eklipse,' that promises to protect products while still engendering food and beverage companies to design creative and colorful labels. Pentalabel eklipse film blocks 99 percent of light, preserving products in a variety of ways while coating the packaging with a clean white sheen that makes it easy for companies to print their own graphics.

Many consumers might not realize, but excess light can severely limit the shelf life of perishable food products. Light exposure can lead to off tastes, faded product colors, and decreases in vitamin levels. Not only does Pentalabel eklipse block virtually all light exposure, but it is also less expensive than the currently favored method (which involves backside black-printing on labels.)