The 'Pee & See' App Helps Users Measure Their Water Intake

 - Apr 11, 2016
References: & bustle
'Pee & See' is a new app that helps users measure their water intake by logging the amount of times they use the bathroom. While the idea of logging each bathroom break may not sound like the most fun activity, the simple act could help to improve overall health.

Pee & See helps monitor hydration levels by keeping track of how many times the user urinates. To use the app, users simply hit the 'Log Pee' button after hitting the bathroom. If the user goes more than three hours without a bathroom break, the app will send a warning that they may be dehydrated. To keep users motivated, the app even has a shared leaderboard that gamifies the experience.

While the app may have a humorous side, it can be used to help users stay hydrated and improve their water intake over time.