'Payton's Charm' Ensures You Never Leave Kids or Pets in the Car

 - Dec 6, 2018
References: kickstarter & paytonscharm
Leaving a young child or pet in the car is a mistake that anyone could make if they're running late or distracted, so 'Payton's Charm' from VI Enterprises has been created to ensure it never happens. The device is named after a young girl who perished from heat stroke after being left in the car by her father and works by being connected directly to your vehicle. The unit will draw energy from the car to operate but can also work for up to a month with a single charge of the internal battery.

'Payton's Charm' works by detecting for high temperatures and CO2 levels as well as vehicular movement to automatically let you know via a smartphone message that you've left your child or dog behind.

Image Credit: VI Enterprises