This Pasta Expert Meticulously Shapes Each Individual Noodle

 - Nov 9, 2015
References: instagram & mymodernmet
Miyuki Adachi is a Toronto-based cook who also creates delicious looking pasta art in her spare time. Adachi handcrafts all of these pasta creations, using traditional methods of dough kneading, rolling and shaping with an added touch of imagination. Some of the more oddly shaped pastas include tubular garganelli, ear-shaped orecchiette, and double fusilli corkscrews.

Adachi is one of the few cooks who still meticulously hand-rolls pasta rather than relying on mass-produced varieties. Apart from the complex process of making pasta, Adachi chooses to shape each individual piece of pasta instead of relying on a machine. These handmade pastas are normally paired with lighter sauces to allow for the flavor of the noodles to shine through. When studying the various shapes and designs, Adachi's work proves that her love for the traditional noodle has evolved into a form of pasta art.