These Photos are Edited to Make You Look More Professional

 - May 30, 2016
References: gizmodo
Lian Marrero is one of the many people in Cuba who are said to edit passport photos to make people appear more professional as they travel.

As Gizmodo reports, he captures subjects in their regular street clothes at his studio and later edits the pictures to change their attire into something more business-friendly. Given Cuba's severe heat and the hassle it takes to put on a full suit -- not to mention the cost of buying one, alternatives offered by photographers such as Lian Marrero have proven to be popular among many.

Other photo editors in this line of work are said to trade digital outfits between themselves, resulting in a wide array of selection that's better than most people's real closets. The suits Lian Marrero's offers range in color and style, including multiple different tie styles and shirt colors.