The Vetements Paris Pop-Up is Located in the Montaigne Market

French footwear and clothing design collective Vetements surfaced with a Paris pop-up this weekend that aesthetically explored single life from the perspective of a modern-age bachelor and his living abode. The Veterments Spring/Summer 2018 collection is injected within the vintage interior, which some accounts also describe it as "your grandmother's house."

The contemporary collection is minimalist enough to seamlessly translate to the retro interior design, but its undeniable modern aesthetic creates a vibrant contrast with the 19th century decor. Among the noteworthy pieces is a knee length waterproof trench in bold red and Veterments branding, a vibrant green ankle boot that boasts an 'EXIT' graphic and a metal stiletto heal, as well as a collection of classic T-Shirts that showcase astrological signs.

One has the option to visit the Veterments Paris pop-up from March 1st until April 7th.

Photo Credits: Asia Typek