The Panasonic Megahonyaku Translates Japanese into Other Languages

 - Nov 21, 2016
References: & theverge
The Panasonic Megahonyaku is a clever and technologically impressive crowd-control device developed by the massive Japanese technology company. The device is a megaphone that automatically translates Japanese into several different languages, including Chinese, Korean and English.

Japan is a small island with a huge population, so overcrowding is an issue for the country from the outset. However, the problem of controlling those masses gets even trickier as Japan becomes a more popular tourist destination. The Panasonic Megahonyaku provides a way for authorities to spread alerts and information to multitudes of various nationalities without the need for several interpreters.

The megaphone includes a series of 300 or so preset phrases, like "Watch your step" or "The train has been delayed." However it can also translate any Japanese phrase nearly instantaneously.