The 'P11-4' Peptide Fills Cavities Without Discomfort or Sedatives

 - Aug 26, 2011
References: gizmag & gizmodo
Although my childhood fear of visiting the dentist has altogether subsided, the newly developed P11-4 peptide solution gives me just another reason to relax while at the dental clinic.

Th University of Leeds' School of Chemistry has isolated a fiber-like compound known only as P11-4, though I personally refer to it as the "miracle cure." When the peptide is applied to a decaying tooth, it fills the cavity and attracts calcium to the site. Though it takes time, the peptide solution will eventually rebuild the damaged enamel, leaving you with sparkling, healthy teeth once again!

Sweep your phobia of mechanical drills, indifferent nurses and power-tripped dentists under the rug. Once this miraculous medication hits store shelves, we'll all have an open license to eat candy and chug down soda pop!