The Oxi_Out is a Tool That Helps Winemakers Produce Better Products

 - Feb 7, 2018
References: prnewswire & thedrinksbusiness
The MA Silva Oxi_Out is an innovative wine-making tool that monitors and manages oxygen and CO2 levels. The Oxi_Out is designed to selectivity remove 97% of dissolved oxygen from the wine, while leaving organic characteristics untouched and full of flavor. The Oxi_Out is also capable of managing CO2 levels and in doing this, the device can better enhance the aromatics of wine, while also taking away some of the astringency and bitterness in the beverage.

Prior to this device, MA Silva played a role in the wine industry as a maker of cork, but this latest product is sure to expand the company's position in the industry. The Oxi_Out is a unique product that is set to innovate the way winemakers produce their products, and will also play a pivotal role in expanding wine preservation and bottling procedures.

Image Credit: MA Silva