The Steininger 'Rock Air' Outdoor Kitchen Design is Crafted in Austria

Outdoor kitchen designs usually consist of barbecues, but the Steininger 'Rock Air' is designed as a fully functioning chef kitchen that will provide ample capabilities for cooks. Consisting of a series of minimalistic cubes, the Steininger 'Rock Air' includes a gas barbecue, sink, stove, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher and more. The functional design and aesthetic of the Steininger 'Rock Air' allows it to be brought and installed almost anywhere one wishes.

The Steininger 'Rock Air' outdoor kitchen design is crafted in Austria and capable of providing all the amenities required to create a gourmet meal. As consumers seek out ways to perform elaborate tasks outside the home, we'll likely continue to see extravagant and luxurious designs like the Steininger 'Rock Air' kitchen be observed.