This Origami Project by Aliaksei Zholner​ is a V8 Engine Made Using Paper

 - Dec 8, 2015
References: youtube & popularmechanics
This origami project by Aliaksei Zholner​ sees the YouTuber create a stunning V8 engine using only paper and small amount of Scotch tape that actually works (well, sort of). While the origami V8 engine doesn't run on gas, it's an operational scale model that spins and operates in quite a similar fashion when paired with a burst of compressed air.

Zholner posted a video of the origami project on YouTube where a series of different angles and operations can be seen. As we see digital innovation taking big leaps in a variety of different ways, the participation in simple yet complex pastimes like origami projects by consumers is a way to work with ones hands rather than rely on digital media to be entertained.