Forager Project's Organic Vegetable Chips are Combined with Ancient Grains

Some of the principles that are integral to Forager Project's manifesto include reducing waste, embracing innovation and simplifying as much as possible—all of which are values that are reflected in the brand's newest organic vegetable chips.

While there are many vegetable crisps on the market that have been newly launched over the past few years with a demand for healthier potato chip alternatives, Forager Project's newest pressed vegetable chips are unique in that they are made with a base of pressed vegetable fiber. The chips are also loaded with ancient grains, seeds, as well as organic seasonings and sea salt to create dynamic gluten-free varieties like: Chipotle BBQ Greens, Cheezy Greens and Wasabi Greens.

Forager Project has carved out a niche in healthy snacks that conscious consumers are willing to support simply by "using what others don't."