Friendship is Tested Over Imaginary Treats in the OREO Life Raft Ad

 - Jun 27, 2013
References: oreo & ibelieveinadv
Testing imagination and friendship over the long contested debate over cream or cookie, the OREO Life Raft commercial proves that even when stranded in a tiny dinghy out in the ocean, the iconic cookie will always prevail.

Although there aren't any OREOs on board, one of the shipwrecked souls starts separating the cookies from the cream, discarding the biscuit pieces into the ocean while licking all of the cream off. His comrade is so distraught by the waste of delicious, crispy, not to mention imaginary, cookie that he begins to write up a fake citation.

Reality and imagination become confused in the OREO Life Raft commercial when a friend gets whisked off by a fake helicopter, leaving the debate forever unresolved.