Srichand's Chan Oil Control Powder is Specifically Marketed to Men

 - May 30, 2017
References: srichand
When it comes to oil control powders, endless varieties may exist on the market, but few target a male demographic. As male-specific skincare lines continue to gain prevalence -- whether offering anti-aging benefits or targeting tired and rugged skin -- cosmetics brands are following suit with products that are specially formulated for the men.

Srichand's Chan Oil Control Powder is a best-seller that works to even out mens' skin while eliminating a shiny appearance. With summer fast approaching, those living in hot climates are no stranger to oily skin and breakouts that can result from dirt buildup. This powder eliminates oil while balancing skin's overall appearance.

Formulated for men, this powder features sleek and simplistic packaging, and embraces a gender-neutral approach to personal care. The product also illustrates the beauty industry's recent focus on inclusivity, both when it comes to product diversity, and the diversity of cosmetic brand ambassadors.