Oatly's Oat Chai is a Milk Alternative with Nourishing Ingredients

 - Nov 10, 2017
References: oatly
Oatley is a natural beverage brand specializing in grain-based milk alternatives like this oat chai blend. In addition to featuring organic oats, this beverage is infused with nourishing ingredients like cinnamon, cardemom, cloves, and ginger, along with natural agave sweeteners.

The low-fat alternative to traditional milk does not act as a source of calcium -- something Oatly is hoping to perfect in the near future -- but is a rich source of iron, and vitamins like B12, D2, and folic acid.

This ready-to-drink beverage is ideal for those with a lactose intolerance, those looking to cut their daily calorie intake, or those seeking to infuse their diet with more nutrients without compromising great taste in the process.