The Laiterie Chalifoux Probiotics are Designed for on-the-Go Consumption

 - Feb 3, 2016
References: laiteriechalifoux & trndmonitor
The Laiterie Chalifoux Petit Pot nut yogurts offer a healthy and portable way for consumers to receive their daily intake of probiotics in a wholesome and organic set of dairy cups topped with rich ingredients such as fruit and nuts. The yogurt contains whole milk, oats, fruits and natural cultures to offer a dessert-style breakfast option for consumers that have a sweet tooth early in the day.

The Nut Organic Yogurt is packaged to be ideal for on-the-go eating, offering the rich blend of wholesome yogurt pre-layered with healthy carbohydrates such as oats and sweet toppings in small glass jars. Eaters can simply mix the parfait together and enjoy a delicious blend of whole organic milk yogurt topped with organic oat, fruit and sugar toppings. The yogurt features a high probiotic count to also improve intestinal health.